Online Security Incident Reports and Field Reporting

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Real Time Daily Activity Reports

Instant, Accurate and Paperless Reports—Online 24/7!

RealtimeDAR's incident reporting software enables security officers to electronically complete and submit their reports—incident, activity and post locations—for immediate review by supervisors and clients.

Security officers can also submit supporting documentation in the form of photographs, audio recordings and additional notes—all date- and time-stamped. RealtimeDAR daily activity reports(DARs) can be viewed online instantly by supervisors, dispatchers, clients and any other personnel who are given access to the system.

RealtimeDAR requires a unique login and password for each employee. This ensures that each security officer's work is kept private and separate from that of other officers. RealtimeDAR also has the ability to track meal and break periods for verification. This provides proof to management and supervisors that the security officer is taking the required breaks mandated by the current state laws.     

With paper reporting, security officers often wait until the last minute to write up their reports for the day. Waiting until the last minute can pose serious problems when it comes to:

  • Accuracy
  • Legibility
  • Legitimate proof of events for the day

RealtimeDAR allows management and clients to track security officers in real time from any computer with Internet access. With online security reports, management can easily maintain an accurate work history and time keeping for their security officers. This not only proves to management and the client that the security officer is doing their job, but it also provides an addtional level of safety. Should an officer encounter a dangerous situation, he or she can take pictures and upload them in real time, noting the exact location of the hazard.

RealtimeDAR daily reports are saved on a secure server for easy access. Management and clients will not have to worry about misplaced paperwork or digging through mounds of papers when they need to pull up information regarding a certain date or incident. This also allows management and the client to see any incident trends on a property. This feedback will help the security officers better identify problem areas to better maintain order throughout the property. Managers and clients will have proof that the job is getting done properly and on time, every time.

RealtimeDAR activity reports help maintain a high standard for security officers. This system helps security officers focus on the task at hand and allows them to accomplish their job with integrity and efficiency. Preparing RealtimeDAR activity reports and submitting them electronically introduces an innovative way of reporting security activity. This approach significantly increases professionalism and accountability in the security industry.

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